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24 June, 2017

On June 23 this year the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, when receiving a systemic bribe from a representative of the RSE in the amount of 3 million tenge for composing a positive verification act detained red-handed the head of the Department for internal state audit of Astana Meldebekov A.A.

The suspect organized a criminal scheme on a systemic basis for obtaining bribes with participation of chief specialists - state auditors Apeissova D.E. and Shamil Sh.A.

During the searches in the office and at the place of living of Meldebekov A.A. 54 million tenge and 120 thousand US dollars were found and seized.

Meldebekov A.A. was placed in the temporary detention centre of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana city, Apeissova D.E. and Shamil Sh.A. taking into account the full confession of guilt and the presence of young children were not detained.

Pre-trial investigation is being carried out.