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27 February, 2017

Pre-judicial investigation concerning Ablyazov and his accomplices in Kazakhstan is completed

Pre-judicial investigation of criminal case about plunders in BTA Bank is completed by National Bureau of anti-corruption and announced the beginning of acquaintance with case papers.

Preliminary investigation is conducted comprehensively, fully and objectively, all circumstances which are subject to proof are established.

On the basis of the collected proofs qualification is given to criminal actions of the former top management of BTA of Bank: Ablyazov M. K. (Chairman of the Board of Directors), being outside Kazakhstan and evading from an appearance, Zharimbetov Zh. D. (The First Deputy Chairman of the Board - the Chairman of Credit committee), Sadykov K. A. (Director of crediting) and Mamesh S. H. (Chairman of the Board).

In particular, Ablyazov is suspected in creation and the management of criminal community, plunder of funds of BTA of Bank and their legalization (washing), illegal use of money of bank and abuse of authority.

The total amount of the caused damage exceeds 7,5 billion US dollars.

By the investigation it is authentically established that the stolen means were pension deposits of the population, personal savings of citizens of Kazakhstan and loans from foreign financial institutions.

At the same time the state assumed all obligations for repayment of debts of BTA of Bank.

Let's remind, on February 02, 2017 the National Bureau according to part 1 of Article 208 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CCP) by means of placement of publications in the Kazakhstan and foreign mass media notified Ablyazov on need of an appearance on interrogation for February 10, 2017.

Similar to February 14, 2017 the National Bureau again published the message in media on qualification of illegal acts of Ablyazov and need of an appearance till February 15, 2017 in the body of the investigation for the announcement of the resolution.

However, in due time the suspected Ablyazov did not appear and did not notify on the reasons interfering his appearance.

Besides, he did not use the right to independently invite a lawyer where the body of the investigation, according to point 10 of part 1 and part 3 of Article 67  of the Code of Criminal Procedure, provided him with a defender among lawyers of the professional organization.

Now all participants of criminal trial according to Article 294 of the Code of Criminal Procedure are notified on the end of  the investigative actions and the start of introducing the criminal case file compiled of  2 224 volumes to them.

On the end of acquaintance, the criminal case will be directed to the prosecutor as of Article 300 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the approval of the indictment and the bringing of defendants to the Court.