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The results of quality control audits of state services for 2016

       In 2016, the Agency and its territorial subdivisions carried out supervisory functions for compliance with the legislation in the amount of 1,586 control measures, of which 1956 were selective (according to plan), 1,391 (unscheduled) (according to requests - 115, on instructions of the prosecutor's office - 1 276). As a result of these inspections, more than 800 thousand violations were identified and 874 employees of state bodies and their subordinate organizations were brought to disciplinary responsibility. The checks have established systemic violations of legislation, as well as norms of standards and regulations of public services. This demand for additional documents by the service provider, unreasonable refusal and delay in the delivery of public services, non-compliance with the work schedule, lack of an opportunity for independent application by citizens with disabilities of the application and package of documents, inconsistency of business processes specified in the regulations of public services to actual provision of public services. Due to the lack of proper work on internal control over the quality of public services, the integration of government information systems, the failure to include relevant information in the monitoring system of the stage of rendering public services, inspections revealed the inauthenticity of information from state bodies on the amount of government services rendered (information is overstated) and violations committed Terms of their rendering. In order to eliminate the violations and prevent them from happening, appropriate action plans have been prepared, including measures to involve employees of state bodies in various types of disciplinary responsibility. Work to monitor compliance with legislation in the provision of public services is carried out on an ongoing basis.


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