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Reports and speeches

On the main approaches to the

implementation of the project

"Public Control Map"


One of the first steps that was announced at the Agency’s board was the project “Public Control Map”. The essence and concept of the project that was presented is quite simple: “For example, if low-quality road repairs are carried out in a rural district or the water supply system is not working ... everyone can send information to the Agency, which will be promptly reviewed. The corresponding pages will be created in social networks”.  Thanks to that,  it received wide public support. The analysis shows that the “Public control map” can have a dual purpose: 1) it can serve citizens as a navigator for referrals (Public control map by source); 2) it can also serve us, pointing to areas of increased risk and the effectiveness of the measures taken (Public control card on the project). Let me briefly dwell on each of them. On the basis of the available opportunities and resources, the implementation of the project by source is proposed to be carried out in three independent formats: First, the public control map, built on the basis of popular social networks, call center; Second, the public control map will be provided by the Qamqor mobile application for citizens; Third,  the public control map, formed on the basis of a network of regional monitoring groups.

First, one of the simple and uncomplicated approaches to the formation of a public control map is the use of social networks and telephone communications. It is proposed to ensure the availability of a special page for each territorial division of the Agency and the National Bureau in social networks. Through the territorial divisions of the Agency, this work has been done.  A special telephone number has been set up and pages have been created in such popular social networks as: Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, and  instant messengers: Whatsapp, Telegrams. The following format for the implementation of the Public Control Map project is the implementation of the Qamqor citizens' mobile application. For the first time, the beginning of the preparation of this software product was announced at the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the theme “Openness and accountability of the state is the basis of modern anti-corruption policy” organized by the Agency on September 28, 2017 at the Central Communications Service site. It was prepared by a group of employees of the Special Accounting and Statistics Committee of the Prosecutor General's Office. Through the application, any citizen has the opportunity to send an appeal with an attachment of photo of any fact of an offense without reference to the competent authority. Thirdly, the public control map is also proposed to be implemented through the network of regional monitoring groups that is now being created. As part of your assignment, regional monitoring groups have been established in all district centers and cities of regional importance. These groups include representatives from all rural districts - these are the most active and well-known people in the district. At the same time, the contact details, including telephone numbers, and the email address of the heads of the regional monitoring groups are entered into the public control map.


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