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Information on the results of control measures in the sphere of quality of rendering state services for 2017

929 inspections were carried out  in 2017 (343 (37%)   random inspections) , 586 (63%) unscheduled ones, more than 370 thousand violations were found,  the most common violations are demanding of superfluous documentation (51.6% or 191 thousand facts); provision of services in the absence of a full package of documents (33% or 121,4 thousand facts); violation of the procedures for rendering public services (9.4% or 35 thousand facts);  violation of the terms of provision of public services (0.83% or 3% , 1 thousand facts);  other violations of the law (4.8% or 18 thousand facts). The largest number of violations committed in the spheres of labor, social protection of population (144 thousand or 39%), agriculture (120.5 thousand or 32.5%), families and children (21.9 thousand or 6%), registration of individuals and citizens (17 thousand or 4,5%), architectural and urban development (17 thousand or 4.5%), education and science (17 thousand or 4.5%). According to the results of inspections, 201 administrative cases were initiated under the Article 465 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.  The courts  upheld 130 protocols on administrative violations, 20 cases at the stage of hearing in the court. The budget received over 9.9 million tenge. Of those brought to administrative responsibility, 73% (66) of persons hold managerial positions. The analysis showed that the state bodies did not follow the procedures for issuing 17 licenses and 149 permits to the beneficiaries. As a whole, 587 workers were brought to disciplinary responsibility for violation of legislation in the sphere of rendering public services,  the rights of 1,387 beneficiaries were restored.


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