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Information on the activities of the Call Center 1424  of Anti-Corruption Service

CALL CENTER call free.

In the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan there operates a Call Center, the main task of which is to provide free consultative support to citizens on combating corruption and receiving telephone messages about corruption offenses.

Consulting citizens on:

countering corruption;

entry  the anti-corruption service;

on the progress of consideration of applications and communications in the proceedings of the Anti-Corruption Service; encouragement of persons who reported a fact of corruption offense or otherwise assisting in countering corruption;

Other issues within the competence of the Anti-Corruption Service. Receiving of reports of : 

corruption facts,  committed or preparing corruption offenses; 

illegal actions (inactivity) of employees of the Anti-Corruption Service;

concerning issues of impeding business activity;

information on wanted persons by the Anti-Corruption Service;

regarding the activities of the Anti-Corruption Service (feedbacks, suggestions). 

Schedule of work of the Call Center of the Anti-Corruption Service


(Mo. - Fr.)




Sunday - day off

At night and on weekends

Call recording in the center is carried out in automatic mode.


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