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Оцените качество государственных услуг

State bodies services
The Ministry of Internal Affairs
The Ministry of helthcare
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Ministry of culture and sport
  • The Ministry of national economy
    The Ministry of Defense
  • The Ministry of Education and Science
  • The agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption
  • The Ministry of Investments and Development
    The Ministry of Agriculture
  • The Ministry of Finance
  • The Ministry of enegry
  • The Ministry of justice
  • National bank
    National Security Committee
  • Local executive boards
    Supreme Court
  • General Prosecutor Office
  • "Government for Citizens" state corporation
    The Ministry of labor and social protection of population
  • The Ministry of Information and Communications
  • The Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society
    Registration of individuals and legal entities
  • Family and Children
  • Rights for property and intellectual property
    Health, medicine and health care
    Labor and social protection of the population
  • Education and Science
  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Transport and communication
    Environmental protection and fauna, natural resources
  • Agriculture
  • Production sector, industry and technologies
  • Petroleum sphere
  • Tax administration, accounting and financial statements, auditor activity
  • State regulation, control and supervision of the financial market and financial organizations
    Customs affairs
  • Safety, defense and justice
  • Land relations, geodesy and cartography
  • Culture, information and communication
  • Physical training and sports
  • Architectural and town-planning activity
    Regulation of natural monopolies
  • Other public services

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